This range is certified for shotgun trap and skeet shooting using #7½ to #9 shot. 

The 5-Stand, Skeet and Trap are operated with a pre-programmed target card. User instructions and Operational Guides are posted here

Look on the events calendar for shotgun orientation days.  These are optional, but handy for those wanting in-person training on the equipment. 

Pre-programmed target cards can be purchased at Fountain Tire in Rocky Mountain House. 

Approved Ammunition

  • No shot larger than 7 ½ 
  • Lead shot only 
  • No slugs, buck shot, steel, bismuth or tungsten shot allowed due to ricochets and damage to the Pattern board 

Procedures for Range K

  • Shotguns must be uncased in a safe manner with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, unloaded and actions always open.
  • Break-action shotguns may be closed while in the gunracks, gun cases or in carts but must be unloaded.
  • For shooting Trap, you must be on the station before you load your shotgun and only one (1) shell can be loaded.
  • For shooting Skeet and 5 Stand you can only load your shotgun when you are on the stand and ready to shoot, no more that two (2) shells can be loaded.
  • The shotgun must be unloaded, and the action open before the shotgun is withdrawn from the shooting stand opening.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
  • Hearing and eye protection is mandatory.
  • Pick up all spent casings and boxes and place in the provided buckets or garbage.
  • Return the controller to the holder and take your shooting card.
  • Only qualified persons are allowed on the range for maintenance. Never go in front of the machines.
    • Safety Glasses required during maintenance 
  • Minimum distance from pattern board is 16 yards.
  • When using Pattern board, close Stand 3 with sign indicating 5 -Stand is closed for Pattern board use.
    • Use the roller to spread out oil/grease to cover the shot pattern after each shot. (Roller located behind the pattern board.)
    • Only add more oil/grease if unable to spread enough to cover the pattern with what is on the board. (Extra oil/grease located in a tote beside pattern board.)

Winter Usage

Changes to the shotgun range for the winter are:

  • Voice call on Trap has been removed. We do this every winter since the batteries will not survive. Cord and Corded releases will be used and Solo delay can be set if shooting by yourself.
  • 5 Stand – the Rabbit (Trap H) has been disabled for the winter since it cannot run through the snow.  Even though Rabbits are pretty good in the snow, this one is not.
  • Signage has been put up for the pattern board usage and to close out Stand 3 when using.
  • Any remote Controllers will still be in the shelter but now located in a labelled mailbox.