Rocky Rod and Gun Club has an archery range shown on the range layout map at point H. There is a 90 metre target sight-in range with a shelter, as well as a 3D target. Targets are in 10 metre increments from 20–90 metres. 

For those looking for a slightly more realistic experience there is a trail populated with 3D targets. The trailhead is marked at “I.” The trail will take approximately two hours to walk. This trail is open year-round with fewer targets in the winter.  Be aware of the rugged terrain and wildlife.  Bear spray is recommended.

Procedures for Ranges H & I

  • Do not move targets. 
  • All Archers must sign in at Range A. Persons coming onto range must come in through the shelter back door. 
  • The RO will establish the firing line. 
  • When using “I” you must park at the start. This announces to archers to be aware there are other users on the trail. 
  • There are no broadheads permitted on any of the archery targets, except one designated “Cube” type target that will be kept in the shelter. Field points only in all other targets. 
  • Read and review all posted signs before unpacking your gear and using ranges/trail. 
  • Use of exploding arrow tips or performing unsafe acts will result in disciplinary measures and/or loss of your membership. 
  • Always walk – no running.
  • If you are unsure if its safe to shoot – “Do not shoot”. 
  • Anyone may call “Cease fire”. 
  • Only shooters can step to the firing line. 
  • Do not disturb shooters when they are at the firing line. 
  • Never cross the firing line until “All clear” has been called. 
  • Never point a bow and arrow at another person. 
  • Cast arrows down range only at approved targets from the firing line. 
  • Never stand behind someone pulling arrows from targets. 
  • Check your equipment regularly.